AMP Video Outperforms Display by 58% for a European Pub

– AdSparc AMP Video Unit Case Study –

AMP Video Outperforms Display by 58% for a European Pub

The publisher is a fast-growing Formula 1 and motorsport news website with millions of engaged monthly readers in Europe.

Problem Definition: Growing AMP page views with a marginal increase in AMP revenue due to: 

  • Monetisation limited to display units
  • No AMP-compatible video unit added on AMP pages

Requirements:  To identify a way to increase revenue by adding an AMP-compatible video player, similar to what’s achievable on the standard web.

AdSparc Solution Implemented:

  • Replacing a standard 300*250 display unit with AdSparc AMP-optimised video player.
  • Bringing in additional demand through the player via header bidding. 
  • Utilize a Display secondary ad unit, when the video doesn’t fill the auction


  • Video typically sells at higher rates and as a consequence, Sold CPM saw a drastic increase of 24%
  • Interestingly, the overall ad unit fill rate was also higher by 22%, as the AdSparc solution features a secondary display unit when a Video Pre-roll doesn’t win the auction.
  • This meant an overall jump of 51% in overall Ad Unit RPM and a Revenue Boost of 58%

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