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AdSense vs Google AdX

The Google Ad Exchange (AdX) was built to connect big brand advertisers and premium publishers in real time and it has grown to be the leading global Real Time Bidding market place for premium advertisers. Because AdX is the center of Real Time bidding and offers advertisers a rich portfolio of features the AdX demand offers higher eCPM’s and better quality ads to publishers.

In some markets more than 70% of the display and video demand is bought through the Google stack by advertisers. As a publisher it is therefore critical to fully optimise your Google demand. AdSense is a great entry product, but as your visitor numbers rise, there are better options: meet Google AdX.

Publishers can earn up to 30% more revenue via AdX compared to AdSense!.

Why you need AdX

The main reasons to add AdX is to increase your revenue and improve the quality of the ads over AdSense. Because of the premium character of the exchange the eCPM’s will be higher as will the quality of the ads. In addition to better demand the exchange offers specific advantages for publishers.

AdX Advantages:

As a publisher you can set minimum prices for different ad positions on your site and these can be unique for branded or anonymous buyers of your inventory.

AdX offers Preferred Deals, allowing advertisers to offer and negotiate a fixed price privately with an advertiser before their inventory goes into live auction.

Private auctions allow site owners to have more control over which ads show on their sites.

Publishers can set different costs for different sections of their websites (e.g., sports or news).

How To Get AdX

Unless you have over 5 million unique visitors per month, you won’t be able to sign up to AdX directly. Google uses trusted partners to allow access to AdX by sites who don’t meet the volume requirements. AdSparc is one of those trusted partners and can unlock the Google AdX demand for your site.
AdSparc will manage the Google application process for you and in the process provide guidance and direction. Once you are live AdSparc will continuously optimise the AdX demand in order to maximise your return. As an AdSparc client you can benefit from many other AdSparc products to further boost your revenue.

To learn more about what Google AdX can bring you, you can book a FREE 15 minute consult with one of our experienced staff members via this link or fill you details in here to receive more details about the offering, including information about our pricing model.

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Is AdX available for all sites

No, it is not. First we recommend to have a mininum volume of 100,000 unique visitors per day and as stated before AdX is a premium exchange and Google enforces strict policy guidelines. For starters, your website must not contain prohibited content such as hate speech, harassment, bullying, gambling or casino-related content, drug or alcohol content and must not offer hacking software. Please click this link if you want information about

Alternatively reach out to us and we’ll be able to tell if you qualify or not.