Ad Units


AdSuite: Incremental Revenue through
new Out Of Page placements

AdSuite is a proprietary technology platform developed by AdSparc to monetise Out Of Page placements. These are generally used in non utilised space on a website and always highly viewable ad units with viewability rates as high as 95%. These ad units all attract high CPM’s and high fill rates and therefore offer high yield opportunities. All the AdSuite ad units are easily implemented via a 1×1, OOP on DFP or can be hard coded on the page.



No one likes to see their users leave the site and as a publisher you want to make sure you have optimised the revenue earned from each visitor. Off-course you want to do this taking into account the user experience and not alienate users. This can now be done through a new and innovative ad format for desktop and tablet traffic: the PushAd.



User enjoys the content on your site.



The user hovers over the close, tab or browser button.



A targeted ad shows up at the top of the page and incremental revenue is generated.


Incremental Revenue

Utilise unused ad positions

Publishers who use AdSuite ad units have seen revenues increase substantially by utilising new ad positions. Because of the high viewability rates the ads attract high CPMs and high fill rates.

Excellent User Experience

Non-intrusive ad formats

The ad slides in smoothly at the top of the page and it does not use pop-ups or pop-unders. It will easily fit in on most sites.

Easy Implementation with One Tag

No need for site re-design

Adding new formats can be a pain that requires the site to be redesigned. This is not needed for AdSuite ad-units. AdSuite now can be implemented with a single tag for multiple ad-units. No need for multiple tags for different ad-units.

Power of Prebid Demand

Maximise yield with bids from multiple SSPs

AdSuite is powered by Prebid demand with 10-15 SSPs that brings an additional level of competition to AdX. This results in maximum yield for AdSuite ad-units.

Standard Formats

High fills because of multiple format support

All standard formats are supported: 970×250, 970×90, 728×90, 300×250, 300×600, 120×600, 160×600, 468×60 ensuring maximal fill rates.